Acid På Svenska

Unique interpretations of a classic Swedish jazz album and an epic split.

In 2015 Christian Lappalainen released the album “Acid på Svenska”. On the album, he interprets songs from the classic Swedish album “Jazz på Svenska” by pianist Jan Johansson.

Christian has done some unique re-workings of the Swedish folk songs on the album using the characteristic sounds of the Roland TB-303.

Truckstop Alaska

In March of 2017, I got the opportunity to spend an entire day with Christian Lappalainen when he was about to perform at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I was there the entire day, from picking up at the train station to after the concert severely hours later. I got the chance to photograph and document everything during the day. From setting up the equipment on stage to soundcheck and also waiting backstage and the actual gig.

To get the opportunity to follow a musician during an entire day was both educational and a lot of fun.It was great to catch up with Christian on music and life in general.

It was great to spend the day with Christian and catch up with him on music and life in general.

Listen to “Acid På Svenska”

You can listen to the album “Acid på Svenska” by Christian Lappalainen on Spotify.

A perfect Sunday album

If you are interested in hearing the original album”Jazz på Svenska” by Jan Johansson I have included a link below. That album is one of my favorite Sunday morning albums.