Another Night To Remember

I have been a fan of Evergrey for a long time now and finally I got the opportunity to photograph them.

I did see them perform live for the first time at a venue in Gothenburg, Sweden called Kåren. I want to say that they were opening for Motörhead that evening but I can not find any information to prove that. Perhaps somebody out there can confirm or deny this vague memory?

I did not own a camera or did not even think it was a possibility to photograph a band while they were performing. I am not even sure I had a mobile phone at the time.

When I went to see Evergrey this time they had just released the excellent album “The Atlantic”. All the single releases leading up to the album were great. They were now performing in their hometown of Göteborg, Sweden.

This was going to be a good night!

Their musicianship and live performance were absolutely fantastic and the music and sound was brilliant.