Applause Of A Distant Crowd

Vola, a band very close to my heart, were the first band I ever photographed as… almost a real photographer.

A few years ago I bought their debut album Inmazes on Bandcamp. The fact that Nicolai included a handwritten thank you note as well as their previous EP “Monsters” for free was a very nice and personal touch.

The album Inmazes blew me away. It was, and still is, filled with great melodies, hard guitars and bass with some really heavy drums.


In 2018 Vola released the album “Applause Of A Distant Crowd” on the Mascot label. It was a fantastic album. It is a little softer than “Inmazes”. It is very atmospheric and filled with very well written tracks. For me it was somewhat of a grower. At the first listen I kind of missed the hard guitars and vibes from the previous album. But it just kept growing and growing on me and got better and better after each listen.