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Hardcore and noise rock quartet BLESSINGS with Furious Blietzkrieg on vocals and lead bass performing at Skjul Fyra Sex in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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A Fraction of a Second Later

I have posted one version of this photograph on Instagram before.

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Leprous – Four times and counting…

I have now seen Leprous perform live four times and they are just getting better and better each time.

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Slipknot – We are not your kind

There is a reason that SLIPKNOT is one of the biggest metal acts in the world right now.

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You don’t like us. You love us!

On a late September night in 2017, The Hives walked up on stage to play their two favorite kinds of music.

Rock and Roll!

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For The Love of Metal

Coffee drinker Dee Snider performing live at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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A Zombie in the Sun

It is not easy to get up on stage in broad daylight and make it look rock n’ roll.

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Scorpions – Reggae you like a hurricane

I have a confession to make.

I have not listened to the Scorpions at all. Of course, I have heard “Rock you like a hurricane” and “Winds of change” but who hasn’t?

Other than those two songs their music has pretty much passed me by. As a teenager in the 80s I was aware of the Scorpions but listened more to Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

So if anyone out there reading this wants to recommend any songs or albums to start with please let me know.

I did not stay for the entire concert. Sorry, I wanted to, but it was getting late and I could not really get into it. They had a very impressive light and video show and there was nothing wrong with their energy on stage. But for some reason the energy was not present in the music. When they started to play a reggae song I decided to go. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reggae but that is not why I went to Copenhell.

But I am sure it was a great show and I probably missed something fantastic by leaving early. Maybe next time?

Amon Amarth – A Viking Barbeque

We got sun, fire and horns with a huge dose of melodic death metal. Amon Amarth entered the stage at Copenhell and delivered a great show.

According to Spotify, I listened to Amon Amarth more than any other band during 2018. They do make great music for biking to and from work.

Despite singing about swords, battles and monsters Amon Amarth comes off as a fun loving bunch of bearded men.

The setlist was filled with great songs and I got to hear some of my favorites.


  1. The Pursuit of Vikings
  2. Deceiver of the Gods
  3. First Kill
  4. The Way of Vikings
  5. Crack the Sky
  6. Death in Fire
  7. Shield Wall
  8. Raven’s Flight
  9. Guardians of Asgaard
  10. Raise Your Horns
  11. Twilight of the Thunder God

Glenn Hughes – Dance with the devil

I first heard Glen Hughes and his mighty vocals on the album “Phenomena” released in 1985 by the musical project with the same name.

Phenomena was a project from the two brothers Mel and Tom Galley with contributing musicians from Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Ozzy Osbourne. Tom has worked as a record producer and his brother Mel was a guitarist who have played with Glenn Hughes in the band Trapeze as well as with Whitesnake for a while. The sound of Phenomena was very melodic and keyboard based rock with great vocal performances and catchy choruses. They continued the project and released the album Dream Runner in 1987.

Dance with the devil

My friends and I enjoyed that album so much we convinced our music teacher that we should play the track “Dance with the devil” at our schools summer graduation. We did end up doing it with a few lead singers and the entire school choir but we had to change the lyrics from Dance with the devil to Dance to the music.

Seventh Star

Another album I have listened to a lot which features the vocals of Glenn Hughes is “Seventh Star” by Black Sabbath. That album was originally intended to be Toni Iommi’s first solo album but after pressure from the record company and their band manager it was released as Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi.


The setlist at Copenhell was packed with classic rock tracks from Deep Purple like “Stormbringer”, “Mistreated”, “Burn” and “Highway Star” to name a few.

Even when they start to play one of the most butchered and played guitar riffs if all time it is just pure joy to listen to. Not many band can pull of a cover of “Smoke on the water” without sounding like a bunch of kids in a rehearsal room. But this is the real deal and I see smiling people all around me in the audience. The joy of the people performing on stage spreads to everyone.

Live band

Glenn had a very competent backing group joining him on stage and they managed to recreate the sound of Deep Purple and the seventies very well. Both guitarist Søren Andersen and Jesper Bo Hansen on Hammond organ did a fantastic job during the concert. Both of them were greeted with an extra warm welcome as they are from Denmark. Drummer Ash Sheehan completed the live band and played with plenty of power and groove.

At 68 years of age Glenn Hughes was one of the oldest performers at Copenhell this summer. He definitely did give the younger musicians something to think about…