Four times and counting…

I have now seen Leprous perform live four times and they are just getting better and better each time.

The first time I saw them live was at Pustervik in 2017 when they supported the Devin Townsend Project. Their performance was very good and I was completely blown away.

It is now 2019 and they are back as headliners with their new album “Pitfalls”.

I can not tell which one of the concerts I have been to that was the best. They have all been absolutely great.

I have to confess that my goal was to get drum wizard Baard Kolstad in focus on the photo above… not his drumkit. Technically this might not be the best photograph but I really like how it turned out.

This fourth time felt a little extra special for some reason? Maybe it was because vocalist and keyboardist Einar Solberg took more time to talk to the audience in-between the songs. At least more than I recall him doing before. This made the concert feel more intimate and personal.

Einar Solberg of LEPROUS

This evening he was very open and told the audience he loved being up there singing and playing. But he also confessed that he did not like talking in front of a crowd that much. This is totally understandable and many people struggle with that. Einar himself said that this was an attempt at getting better and more comfortable.

For that honesty and vulnerability alone I give Einar and Leprous an extra progressive thumbs up.

Robin Ognedal on guitar

Another reason this evening felt extra special could also have been the setlist. It felt very varied and dynamic. I love their harder and more progressive songs that really gets me going. But it was really nice that we got to hear the more calm and electronic stuff from their latest album. This gave the evening some great contrasts.

Tor Oddmund Suhrke

Once again Leprous was joined on stage by the very talented cellist Ralph Weinroth-Browne. He and his playing contributed both beauty and heaviness to the live sound this evening.

Ralph Weinroth-Browne

Leprous sounded fantastic this night and the setlist was varied and dynamic. I would almost say that they sounded more electronic and atmospheric this time around. We got to hear some beautiful and moody pieces as well as some very heavy parts bordering on industrial metal.

To sum it up it was just a very good show at one of my absolute favorite venues in Göteborg, Sweden.

  1. Below
  2. I Lose Hope
  3. Foe
  4. The Flood
  5. From the Flame
  6. Observe the Train
  7. Alleviate
  8. Angel(Massive Attack cover)
  9. Bonneville
  10. Stuck
  11. Distant Bells

  12. The Price
  13. The Sky Is Red