The Last Performance

The band Ghost playing at an amusement park? This will definitely be the closest I ever get to being in an episode of Scooby-Doo!

This particular night there were 18000 people in the audience and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The show was fantastic and the setlist was filled with great songs. It was truly an entertaining evening that would end in a somewhat strange fashion.

Suddenly one of the nameless Ghouls looked into my soul and put a curse on me!

One of the highlights was actually the way the show ended! Do not get me wrong I did not want them to stop playing. That is not what I am saying.

In the middle of the song “Monstrance Clock” Papa Erimitus III was dragged off the stage by some guys wearing suits and sunglasses.

A few minutes later this old zombie-like pope slowly stumbles across the stage with his walker. After removing his oxygen mask he proclaimed that the party was over… Later I read that this was Papa Emeritus Zero!

All of us in the audience just stood there gasping wondering what had just happened! We just looked at each other and all thought we were probably lucky to have been present at that moment?

A few months later I saw Ghost perform again at Copenhell in Denmark. This time with their “new” frontman Cardinal Copia. It was just a phenomenal show and once again Ghost proved they are a live act to count on for entertainment.

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