Photos from Hell

I packed my bag with a camera, one lens, two batteries, a few memory cards and some clean underwear. Then I drove south to Copenhagen.

Fujinon 50mm f/2.0

A couple of days before the festival I managed to find a used Fujinon 50mm f2.0 lens. That lens paired with my Fujifilm X-T1 was going to be my set up for the weekend. It made for a very small and portable option and it really delivered.

Thomas Lindberg of At The Gates
Thomas Lindberg of At The Gates

To zoom or not to zoom?

I have to admit that for a few moments at the festival I wish I had a zoom lens. But most of the time, I managed to get close enough to the stage to, get some nice shots. Also, I do not have any problems with cropping my images to get even “closer”.

If you can not get close enough you can always move way back from the stage and get a shot like this? These wider shots are, dare I say, necessary to build I nice photo story.

Avenged Sevenfold live at Copenhell 2018.
Avenged Sevenfold live at Copenhell 2018.

Getting lucky…

When legend Ozzy Osbourne played it got very crowded in front of the stage so I only managed to get close at the far right. Little did I know that guitarist Zakk Wylde had already planned to walk down into the area between the stage and audience to perform one of his long guitar solos. And it just happened to be right in front of where I was standing!

This time I actually wished I had a wider lens on my camera. It was a bit challenging to photograph this close with a 50mm lens. But I got some really cool up-close photos. Not only was that a challenge but I also had to change memory cards at the same time… because of course it ran out of space the second he stepped in front of my camera…

The people of Copenhell

Both my camera and the newly acquired lens was very compact and lightweight. It was absolutely no trouble to carry along to all the different stages and areas at the festival. I got great shots of the bands playing as well as some nice portraits of the visitors.

I saw a ghost for the second time.

This was the second time I got the opportunity to see the band Ghost perform live again. They did not disappoint and delivered a very good show filled with great songs, humor, smoke and confetti. It was nice to see Cardinal Copia fronting the band. The last time I saw them was in Göteborg, Sweden during the last known sighting of the previous frontman Papa Emeritus III.

Do you wanna know a secret? I took the photo below with my phone… but don’t tell anyone.


Saving the best for last?

It is hard to pick a favorite photograph from the festival. Not because I got so many excellent shots to choose from but they all bring back memories of a great weekend.

If I had to pick one Photo from the festival it would probably be this one. After some fine-tuning, editing and retouching this photograph came out really good. I even made a security fence disappear using Photoshop.

Zakk Wylde in front of a burning cross.