The Ocean

It was quite challenging shooting this concert. There was a lot of smoke and the band was backlit most of the time, when there were any lights at all.

Even though we can not see the drummer Paul Seidel’s face I am very happy with how the photograph above came out in the end.

After shooting for awhile I put my camera down to enjoy the show.

But of course, just a couple of seconds after that, vocalist Loïc Rossetti decided to take a walk on the audience.

I quickly grabbed the camera out of my bag and managed to fire of a few quick shots. Unfortunately I did not have time to get the settings right but I rather have a few half decent photos of the moment than none at all.

So then lesson learned, once again, is to never ever put the camera down.

Well, you can’t catch them all and sometimes it is rather nice to focus on the music and performance because that is what it is all about in the end.