The Orb

I could not believe I got the opportunity to see one of my all-time musical heroes perform live.

The Legendus Orbus or The Orb as everyone else calls them was performing at the Frost Festival in Copenhagen.

It was in the middle of February and it was freezing outside. On Islands Brygge in the middle of Copenhagen they had placed saunas at the waterfront for adventurous people with no sense of temperature.

The Orb provided the soundtrack for the freezing activity. I enjoyed the music of my heroes as others walked out of the saunas into the cold city water.

Not only did I get the chance to see them perform live for the first time I also had the opportunity to photograph them up close. The stage was really small and it was no problem standing very close the musicians. I stood so close to the stage that I could have yanked the cables out of the mixing desk if I had wanted to. I decided not to.