Twenty Øne Piløts

Twenty One Pilots is not a band I have listened to. My daughter is a massive fan and has been playing them constantly at home, in the car and her phone. She really wanted to see them live and suddenly we got the chance to see them.

I got us tickets for the concert at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. Luckily the concert was in February in a week when the schools are closed.

We took the train from Gothenburg, Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark on a grey February day. We stayed within walking distance from both the venue and the train station at an Airbnb in the newly developed area of Ørestad.


It was a really nice evening but a little cold standing outside in line. After a while, we got into the arena and walked up as close to the stage as we could. We got to stand a little to the left of the center at about the sixth or seventh row of people.

While waiting for the show to start we talk with a few of the people standing next to us. They were very friendly and had seen Twenty One Pilots performing in Stockholm the night before.

The Regrettes

Before Twenty One Pilots entered the stage we got to see the opening act called The Regrettes.

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots

The concert was very entertaining with lots of different stage sets, light effect and props. It was all done very tasteful and professional.

Twenty One Pilots

Unfortunately, I did not get to bring my Fujifilm X-T1 with me into the venue. But I managed to get a few good photos and videos with my Google Pixel phone.

I thought my daughter was about to explode in excitement when drummer Josh Dun climbed out into the audience with his drumkit. We were standing in just the right spot.

Twenty One Pilots
In conclusion

I was very glad I got to see Twenty One Pilots live in concert. It was impressing how entertaining and professional the entire show was. Even more so when considering there were only two people on stage.

Twenty One Pilots

I walked home with my daughter on my back, exhausted from standing for several hours, with confetti filling our pockets.