A Viking Barbeque

We got sun, fire and horns with a huge dose of melodic death metal.

Amon Amarth entered the stage at Copenhell and delivered a great show.

Do you also get that burning sensation sometimes?

According to Spotify and their stats I listened to Amon Amarth more than any other band during 2018. They do make great music for biking to and from work.

We are having a viking barbeque.

Despite singing about swords, battles and monsters Amon Amarth comes off as a fun loving bunch of bearded men.

The setlist was filled with great songs and I got to hear some of my favorites.


  1. The Pursuit of Vikings
  2. Deceiver of the Gods
  3. First Kill
  4. The Way of Vikings
  5. Crack the Sky
  6. Death in Fire
  7. Shield Wall
  8. Raven’s Flight
  9. Guardians of Asgaard
  10. Raise Your Horns
  11. Twilight of the Thunder God